How Jordan made an additional $78,000 using Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Today's article features Trail Survivor, a flourishing Australian e-commerce business specialising in outdoor solutions, which has transformed their sales strategy and managed to generate an additional $78,000 using Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

Executive Summary

• We dive into the tangible impact of the app on Trail Survivor's average order value (AOV);
• Explore the specific features that have seamlessly integrated into their digital storefront;
• We discuss big sales boost in certain products and how it changed buyer behaviour in real life.

Image: ArcticFan, TrailSurvivor's top-selling item, offering bundle deals with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app.

Q&A with Jordan, owner of Trail Survivor: Unpacking the Impact of Kaching Bundles

1. Kristijonas from Kaching Appz (K): How has the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app impacted Trail Survivor's additional sales on Shopify?

Jordan (J): Installing the Kaching Bundles app immediately increased our AOV from $35 to $74 and a majority of our customers started buying bundles.

J: Increasing AOV has a huge impact on the bottom line for any e-commerce business because advertising and shipping costs on each order remain nearly the same but the revenue and profit on each order goes way up.

2. K: What specific features of the app have been most beneficial for selling safety and comfort solutions?

J: For us the best features of the app has been how easily and elegantly it installs on our product pages. We have worked hard to create a clean and user-friendly experience on our website and the app fits beautifully on our product page. We love the clean and elegant layout of the app and how simple it is for our customers to add a bundle with a single click.

J: The app also works really well with multiple variants. We offer one of our products in different colours and the Kaching app makes it easy for customers to select bundles made up of multiple colours right from the product page.

3. K: Have you noticed any particular products or categories that have seen a significant increase in sales due to the volume discounts offered through our app?

J: One of the products we sell is called the ArcticFan. It is a portable fan designed to keep people cool while at work. Before installing the app, customers would just buy one for themselves. Now most of our customers buy bundles with extras to give as gifts to their friends and co-workers. We’ve heard several great stories about customers who work in construction and have bought extra units. When they are on a job-site and someone asks about it they give them one to use.

4. K: Any specific stories related to using our widget that you'd like to share? :)

J: When searching for a bundles app we literally tried every app in the Shopify app store. We must have installed over a dozen. They all had some issue (couldn’t do variants, didn’t display price properly or looked really bad) and the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks was the only one the checked all of our boxes and looked great.

Having used the App for over a year now it still functions perfectly and has had some great updates. Customer support has been amazing! 

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