How To Unlock the Full Potential Of Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

We analysed our top 20 users who already made anywhere from $35,000 to $600,000 in additional revenue using our bundle app. Here's everything that you can learn from the winners (including how to structure your product page for epic success).


We analysed 20 top-sellers who use our app (including TheNap™, Venom Scents, KOALA 2.0 and 17 others), and we noticed common trends amongst the winners. Both in terms of how they use Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks, and how they structure their entire product page.

Steal these strategies to squeeze maximum value from our bundling app

1. Target Best-Selling Products: Top-selling merchants usually pick specific products that they create volume bundles for, especially making sure that their best-selling items have bundling options (e.g. Buy 2, get +2 free).

To do this, select either Specific selected products, or All products except selected, or Products in selected collections. Here's how to do it inside the app:

2. Select A Strategy That Fits Your Product: When using our app, choose a bundling strategy that fits your product and that would convince your shoppers to buy more. Here are the most popular strategies that our top-sellers are using every day:

A. Offer free shipping only if they buy bigger volume (like TheNap™ who made a cumulative $600,000+ in additional revenue using this strategy):

B. Increasing discounts for bigger and bigger quantities. Like it's done by Pocket Pharmacy™ by Curaphil, who give options for a standard price with no discount, -20% for duo, -30% for trio, -40% for quad. We know it works like a charm, because they've done over $170,000 in additional sales primarily using this strategy:

C. Provide "buy 1, get 1 free", "buy 2, get 2 free", "buy 5, get 5 free" deals. This strategy works well with products that have a high profit margin. To make it work for your business, you can increase the standard price before the discount so that after someone buys 2 for a price of 1 (or, 4 for the price of 2, etc.), you would still have a healthy profit.

This is a core strategy used by Venom Scents, and Vistevas Breathlace, who did $496,000 and $60,000 respectively in additional income, generated with the app Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks:

D. Consider a mix of strategies, for example "buy 2, get 3" + free shipping (or any other mix). Here's an example from Koala 2.0, who have a mix of strategies for different quantities. They made $475,000 in additional income with such pricing, so we're quite sure they know what they're doing:

Most importantly, tailor your strategy to what you think would sell the best and never go below the cost of goods sold. Also, you may want to do A/B testing with different strategies. Before making the final call, measure the conversion rate per equal amount of visitors, average cart value and total profit with different bundle setups.

3. Highlight The Savings: Top-selling merchants on Shopify often clearly highlight the savings that customers could enjoy when they buy bigger quantities. Show the original and the discounted prices compared to one another, that's how you can highlight the savings. Additionally you can add the percentage savings (e.g Buy 2 and save 20%) per each quantity.

Here's an example from Liebesflocke, a German shop which sells women's shoes and clothing. Notice how in each bundle they highlight the savings in percentage (%) and also the original price that is discounted:

This pricing structure has earned them an additional sales of over $176,000 ever since they started using our app.

Luckily, this is a built-in feature of Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks. You can customise the text and the discount size you would like to provide:

4. Include Top Bar Bundle Promotion: Promote your volume discount offers prominently in the top bar of your website. This ensures that customers immediately see and engage with your special deals when they visit your site.

Here are 2 clear examples from our top-selling app users Pheraura and GloRX, who made $35,000 and $105,000 in additional revenue respectively, purely from the sales that came from using our app:

To create such a top bar without any code, we recommend Essential Announcement Bar app. This app has proved to be by far the best when it comes to top bars (and it's 100% free).

5. Place Stickers On Your Bundles: Strategically place "Most Popular" and other attention-grabbing stickers on your volume discount offers. These stickers draw attention, build credibility and entice your shoppers.

Example of sticker placement comes from DogSuppy, who generated $323,000 in additional revenue when providing 2-pack, 3-pack and 4-pack bundles:

This is how you can enable Labels and a sticker inside the app, customising the text and what you offer:

6. Include Product Variations: If applicable, offer different product variations as part of your volume discount strategy (e.g. when they buy a bundle of 2, let them pick different colours, sizes, styles, etc.). This allows customers to choose the product that best suits their needs, further enhancing their shopping experience.

Here's an example from ModernAussies, who made $179,000 in additional revenue with bundles like this:

With one click you can enable variants inside the app like this:

6. Customise Your Bundle Appearance: Customise the appearance of your volume discount offers to make them visually appealing. This can include using eye-catching colours, fonts, and graphics that match your brand's style.

All of the top-sellers do it, you can do it too! Just go over Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app dashboard, and select how your bundle will look like, including borders, colors, size, typography and a few more:

7. Add A Free Gift: Consider adding a free gift option to your higher-tier bundles to sweeten the deal. A free gift can entice customers and make your volume discount offers even more attractive.

Here's an example from GarageBulls, who add a gift of SpeedWax for anyone who buys 3 units (together with free shipping). Together with other tactics, they generated additional revenue of $188,000 using our bundling app:

Bonus Section: Winning Product Page Recipe

We noticed that top sellers have many commonalities on their entire product page, going waaay beyond just volume bundles! Here are 5 most prevalent sections that top sellers like DogSuppy, Liebesflocke and most of others use to boost their conversion rate and actually make hundreds of thousands on Shopify:

1. Highlight Product’s Key Features: Provide detailed information about your product's key features and highlights. Describe exactly how they benefit the customer.

2. Add Trust Badges & Icons: Display recognisable payment trust icons, such as guarantees like like money-back or satisfaction assurances and trusted payment providers to enhance trust.

To actually make this happen, we recommend Essentials Trust Badges & Icons. It's the best one in the Shopify app store to enhance trust using badges, without any coding required.

3. Showcase Product Reviews: This is a big one, almost every single top-seller we reviewed is using this. Feature user reviews and ratings prominently on the product page. Positive reviews and high ratings (which are not fake!) build trust and credibility like nothing else.

4. Add FAQ Section: Create a dedicated FAQ section to answer common customer questions. Offer clear and concise responses for easy access to essential information.

5. Consider Scarcity Tactics: Utilise tactics like end-of-sale timers and mentioning low remaining stock quantities to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take action quickly.


As a Shopify merchant, it's worth exploring bundle pricing as part of your pricing strategy. Also, use 5 other tips from top-sellers on Shopify to enhance your product page and boost your conversions.

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With the magic of bundle pricing on your side, the possibilities for your business are endless!

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