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TrailSurvivor drives $124,000 in additional revenue with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

“When searching for a bundles app we literally tried every app in the Shopify app store. And the Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks was the only one that checked all of our boxes and looked great.”

$35 → $74

Increased Average Order Value


Additional Revenue Generated


Conversion To Bundle Order


Trail Survivor, a leading provider of outdoor and survival gear, has significantly boosted its average order value (AOV) and enhanced its digital storefront with the integration of the Kaching Bundles Quantity Breaks app. This innovative app has revolutionized how Trail Survivor markets their products, offering seamless bundle options that encourage larger purchases.

Image courtesy of TrailSurvivor


Expanding Product Sales and Enhancing AOV.

Trail Survivor sought to leverage their e-commerce platform to drive sales across new and existing product lines, aiming to elevate their AOV and overall market presence.

“Our goal was to find a solution that could integrate smoothly with our site, offering our customers more value without complicating the buying process.”
— Jordan, CEO


Innovative Bundling with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

ArcticFan, TrailSurvivor's top-selling item, offering bundle deals with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app.

Kaching emerged as the perfect solution, enabling Trail Survivor to offer attractive bundle deals directly on their product pages. The app’s user-friendly design and easy integration have played a pivotal role in not only increasing the AOV from $35 to $74 but also in enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Thanks to Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks, Trail Survivor has seen a remarkable increase in bundle sales, with a significant impact on their bottom line. The app’s flexibility in handling various product variants has further allowed them to cater to a wider customer base, offering customizable bundles that meet diverse customer needs.


  • 2.1x Increase in AOV (From $35 to $74)
  • $124,000 In additional revenue generated

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