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How Axzenia Boosted their AOV by 23% and Generated $109,800 in Additional Revenue

Axzenia, under the leadership of Founder & CEO Shahed Tanveer, has harnessed the power of our app to significantly enhance its average order value (AOV) and drive impressive revenue growth, all without the need for complex coding or external development resources.


Increased Average Order Value


Additional Revenue Generated


Axzenia is at the forefront of offering innovative posture and sculpting products designed to improve wellness and confidence. Shahed Tanveer, the visionary behind Axzenia, recognized the need to innovate their sales strategy to continue their growth trajectory.

Image Courtesy of Axzenia


Low AOV and a challenge of coding a bundling solution.

The primary motivation for exploring a bundling app solution stemmed from a desire to increase AOV without the complexities and risks associated with custom coding or hiring external developers.

Shahed highlighted the importance of maintaining a seamless and error-free online experience for customers, acknowledging that adding complex features could introduce bugs and detract from the user experience.

“The main reason was to increase my AOV. I opted for a bundling app because I do not have the proficiency to code it myself and also did not want outsiders that I could hire internally to add such code as it could lead to bugs and errors and did not want to risk that."
— Shahed, Founder & CEO


Product Bundling with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Instant Posture Corrector, Axzenia's top-selling item offered in bundles with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app.

After careful consideration, Axzenia chose a bundling app that stood out for its aesthetic appeal, ease of use, and comprehensive features. The solution was not only cost-effective but also offered a visually attractive way to present bundle offers to customers.

Shahed praised the app's customer service responsiveness and the simplicity of customizing bundle options, stating, "It was the easiest one I have used so far," and highlighted how these aspects were crucial in enhancing the overall shopping experience for Axzenia's customers.

“Customer service is pretty responsive. I would recommend it because this app was easiest one to use I have tried so far."
— Shahed, Founder & CEO


  • 23% Increase in AOV
  • $109,800 In additional revenue generated

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