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How Vistevas Boosted Their Conversion Rate By 20%, Add-To-Cart Rate From 6% To 8% And Generated Additional $104,687

Seeking to elevate Average Order Value (AOV) without compromising the customer experience with intrusive upsells, Vistevas, led by its CEO and founder, turned to Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.


Increased Conversion Rate


Additional Revenue Generated

6% → 8%

Increased Added To Cart Conversion


Vistevas, a pioneering company in the health and wellness sector known for its innovative necklace aimed to assist quitting smoking, faced a common e-commerce dilemma. The challenge was to increase the AOV while maintaining a non-intrusive user interface that could potentially elevate the customer's shopping experience. The solution? Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

Image courtesy of Vistevas


Enhancing AOV Without Disrupting Customer Experience

The main hurdle Vistevas encountered was finding an effective way to boost AOV without the use of aggressive upselling techniques, such as shipping protection offers, which tend to negatively impact the Conversion Rate (CVR). The company sought a solution that would not only improve their metrics but also align with the brand’s ethos of providing a seamless and stress-free shopping experience.


Seamless Integration with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Breathlace, a tool helping people to quit smoking, sold in bundles of 2, 4 and 6 using Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks.

Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks emerged as the ideal solution for Vistevas. By implementing the app, Vistevas was able to offer quantity breaks, enticing customers to increase their order size while maintaining a smooth add-to-cart process.

This approach not only aligned with their goal of a non-intrusive user interface but also significantly boosted both their CVR and Add-to-Cart (ATC) rate.

Post-implementation, Vistevas observed a notable 20% increase in CVR and an ATC rate jump from 6% to 8%, a substantial improvement by any standard. Additionally, the AOV saw an increase of around 10%, a notable achievement given the variable product pricing across different markets.

“Kaching is by far the best app for bundles and quantity breaks. Their support team is prompt at replying and the app has been detrimental to the bottom line of our business. We are genuinely impressed by Kaching and use it across all of our stores."
— Fin, CEO & Founder


  • 20% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • $104,687 In additional revenue generated
  • Increased Added To Cart Conversion (6% → 8%)

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