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IntegroPet Achieves $111,885 in Additional Revenue with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

"Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks not only elevated our AOV by 40% but also seamlessly matched our brand's aesthetic, proving itself as an invaluable asset for our advertising strategy."


Increased Average Order Value


Additional Revenue Generated


Increased Conversion Rate


IntegroPet, spearheaded by founder Francesco Bellio, has carved a niche in the Italian market of dog supplements. The brand faced the challenge of increasing its average order value (AOV) to make Meta advertising more sustainable. The integration of Kaching Bundles Quantity Breaks app has been a game-changer for IntegroPet, driving significant revenue growth and enhancing the customer purchasing experience.

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Boosting AOV for Sustainable Advertising

IntegroPet aimed to elevate its AOV to leverage advertising on Meta platforms more effectively. "With a low AOV on consumable products, finding a strategy that could increase our profitability was crucial" Francesco Bellio noted, emphasizing the need for a solution that would not only increase revenue but also integrate seamlessly with their existing operations.

“With a low AOV on consumable products, finding a strategy that could increase our profitability was crucial.”
— Francesco, Founder & CEO


Remarkable Revenue Growth with Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

Digestive Probiotics for dog's health, a product offered by IntegroPet using bundles built using Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks

The Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks app has been a cornerstone in IntegroPet strategy, adding $111,885 in additional revenue in a period of 1 year and 4 months.

This innovative solution boosted the AOV by approximately 40%, simultaneously enhancing the conversion rate. Its user-friendly interface and adaptability have allowed for a seamless integration into IntegroPet's brand, making it an indispensable tool for the business.


A Must-Try For E-Commerce Brands

Francesco Bellio enthusiastically recommends Kaching Bundle Quantity Breaks to other e-commerce brands looking to enhance their AOV and conversion rates. "Try this app, you won't regret it!" he asserts, attributing a significant part of IntegroPet's success to the integration of this versatile tool.

"The app's ability to adapt to our brand's aesthetics while offering flexible bundle options has been exceptional. Try this app, you won't regret it!"
— Francesco, Founder & CEO


  • $111,885 In additional revenue generated
  • 40% Increased Average Order Value
  • 10% Increased Conversion Rate

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